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Truth, Deep Truth, Truther, Truthing,

By analogy or rather in comparison with Alain Soral’s „sociologie profonde“*, we have here to do not with a „depth psychology“ (which would be nothing new) but simply with the deep truth as such and so with an – indeed – brand new approach. It is therefore not a question of some logy („truthology“) but of direct action, of direct expression.

The truth is composed of different parts, it can have a strong component of logos and logic; this is the case in the precise sciences and in technology. But in the realm of human existence, the truth has a great emotional part, if not the greatest, which one by far dictates life – and logos, thoughts, intellect as well.

In order to make re-emerge the true existence and make the individual one – not divided anymore, truly in-dividual – the individual must live in his deepest truth and in harmony with his deepest emotions and instincts.

In order to make triumph the deep truth – the feeling – and to dominate the person, the feelings must be allowed to speak directly and without any restriction. Everything must melt in order to finally rebuild – or build perhaps for the first time – the person on the most solid ground there is: that of deep truth.

No matter what truth, no matter what emotion, no matter what content, no matter how catastrophic the individual’s condition: the truth, this truth, must be recognized and integrated – no matter what feelings it involves and triggers.

The Institute for Deep Truth with its director Peter Töpfer aims to make possible this transformation from false to true, from the living dead to the living.

For this, the Institute has published Peter Töpfer’s book „The Truth – telling and living it“ but also makes videos where so-called Moments of Deep Truth are shown in action and process with commentaries. This is a first serial of videos.

For a better understanding, the Deep Truth (yet ultra-simple) will be related in a second serial of videos with similar but less radical approaches in the Intellectual history, but in a post-intellectual and post-philosophical way. A first cycle is devoted to the life and work of Friedrich Hölderlin; videos on Søren Kierkegaard, Walt Whitman, Fernando Pessoa, Antonin Artaud etc. will follow.

Because of the importance of the emotions for the existence, they will be – in a third serial of videos, entitled „monographs emotions“ – presented separately and specifically and without any bio-historical context.

The first part of these monopraphs is devoted to deep sadness, the next parts to other elemantary emotions: fear, rage, despair, longing etc.

In the 1st serial (Moments of Deep Truth in action) will follow topics that require clarification in a biographical context: cowardice, being pussy-whipped, Voluntary Servitude, inability to be free in general, diremption, confusion, the great piss take, revolt etc.

1st part of the serial „monographs emotions“: deep sadness, preamble:

(This text appears also as an introduction in the video:) 

The intellectual, mental and emotional content of a Moment of Truth varies considerably depending on the person and its current state.

It can be taciturnity, shyness, rage, confusion, depression, joy etc. In the present case it is a very deep sadness, felt like eternal.

It is about actively accepting the real state, acknowledging it as completely as possible and letting flow the emotions (in this case the tears).

It may be – as a collateral advantage – that thus you get rid of an embarrassing emotion (in this case sadness) and find relaxation, balance and enlivenment. But this doesn’t have to be a goal. A goal is corrupting and distracting from the truth.

The truth for itself, without purpose, is necessary.




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